15 Best Tall Ornamental Grasses for Privacy

It is increasingly becoming a norm for homeowners to plant ornamental grasses as screens, accents, and focal points in their backyards. Unlike constructing a fence, grass and other plants provide an easy option for adding excellent color and texture to your landscape. Tall grasses aren’t like regular shrubs.

They grow in groups, making them perfect for adding privacy. That said, whether you want to block unsightly views or screen areas of your yard, plant the following tall ornamental grasses for privacy.

1. Pampas Grass

Pampas grass tops the list of these tall grass plants for privacy for its impressive texture, size, and showy flowers. It is a South American native grass that grows up to 13 feet tall. It also has 2-3ft long feathery plumes that improve your home’s curb appeal during summer. While pampas grass provides much-needed privacy, it is less dense compared to other tall grasses. It also takes up much of your garden space, especially if left unattended.

2. Switch Grass

Switchgrass grows to heights of between 3 to 6ft and 9ft, making it one of the best ornamental tall grasses for privacy. It is a common warm-season grass that grows in North America’s savannas, prairies, and roadsides.

It has upright stems that form a natural barrier to privacy. Besides providing privacy, it also filters noise, lowering noise pollution. It grows on different soil types, including sandy, heavy clay, and loam soil. Planting switchgrass on your landscape also creates a perfect habitat for wildlife.

3. Giant Silver Grass

A hybrid of the Miscanthus, Giant silver grass grows up to 6ft wide and 12ft tall. It has broad leaves and large flower plumes that appear in late summer, which make it perfect for adding privacy to your garden. This grass thrives in sunny areas with well-drained soil. Though not invasive, it may self-seed.

4. Zebra Grass

Scientifically called Miscanthus Sinensis, zebra grass is an ornamental tall grass for privacy from eastern Asia that grows 4 to 6ft tall. Notable features of the zebra grass are the striking green and yellow foliage bands that make the grass visually appealing. You can grow zebra grass for privacy and noise reduction because it grows tall and dense.

5. Feather Reed Grass

Feather reed grass is a popular type of grass for privacy you should have in your garden. The grass boasts up to 6ft stylish upright look, which gives it great potential for covering your home. It isn’t seasonal grass, meaning you can enjoy it all year round. It can adapt to warm temperatures and cold-hardy conditions.

6. Chinese Silver Grass

The Chinese silver grass is an ornamental tall grass for privacy that changes its color from season to season. Also called the maiden grass, it is typically green with brown and white flowers. However, the leaves turn beige from yellow in the fall, while the stem reddens. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful all-season grass for privacy.

7. Umbrella Bamboo

Most people presume that bamboos are trees. While some species may be trees, the umbrella bamboo is a grass that can provide a privacy screen in your home. It extends 8ft in width and up to 15ft high. The dark green leaves of umbrella bamboo form a dense canopy that additionally filters noise.

8. Big Bluestem Grass

Big bluestem grass is a common grass in North America’s grasslands. It is a warm-season grass that grows to 6ft tall. The beauty of this grass is the blue-green leaves that turn coppery-red during fall. It is drought-tolerant and perfect for areas that receive low rainfall.

9. Pink Muhly Grass

Though not as tall as other grasses in this list, the pink muhly grass is a perfect ornamental grass for privacy. Its 2 to 4-foot height and clumping growth make this grass sufficient to maintain your home’s privacy. The grass has eye-catching pink-hued blooms that emerge in late summer and fall. It also has pink plumes that add color to your garden.

10. Beard Grass

You’ll easily come across the beard grass in North America’s prairies and meadows. However, you should introduce it in your yard for its privacy and windbreaking abilities. The grass is 5ft tall and clumps perfectly. It has narrow, blue-green leaves that are visually attractive.

11. Porcupine Grass

The porcupine grass is an East Asia native grass primarily used for paper-making. However, it has sharp, long-break leaves that provide good obstruction. It is an invasive grass that requires close monitoring. It shouldn’t also be grown in small yards. While it can grow in most soil types, it can’t thrive in salty conditions and isn’t drought-tolerant.

12. Northern Sea Oats

The northern sea oats are also perfect for adding privacy to your garden. They grow 4 feet tall and wide and produce green leaves and distinctive flowers that hang from thin stems in late summer. It isn’t an invasive grass and grows well in well-drained soil and areas with partial shade.

13. Ravenna Grass

Ravenna grass is a relative of pampas grass and a perfect option for privacy, decoration, and noise reduction. Ravenna grass can grow up to 10ft under good conditions. It grows upright and develops a dense clump that creates a natural barrier. It also has deep roots, making it a perfect choice for controlling soil erosion in your lawn. However, like pampas grass, it needs close monitoring as it is very invasive.

14. Blue Oat Grass

The blue oat grass is a good choice for privacy and for adding some blue hues in typically green gardens. It is a unique grass with blue-green leaves that produce yellow-golden tulips. The grass grows in all soil types and forms dense clumps. It isn’t invasive and requires minimal care.

15. Purple Majesty Grass

The purple majesty gras is a native African grass widely known for its striking purple foliage. It grows 4-5ft high and 2-3ft wide and offers dense coverage that is perfect for privacy screening. It grows well in hot conditions and well-drained soil.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which Ornamental Grass Grows Easily?

All ornamental grasses grow easily if grown in the right conditions. They are also hardy and easy to maintain.

Should you Trim Ornamental Grass?

You should trim ornamental grass in late fall and early spring to encourage growth.

The Bottom Line

You should consider these best tall grasses for privacy if fencing around your backyard isn’t an option. They provide excellent privacy, reduce noise, and break strong winds. They also add to your backyard’s aesthetic appeal.

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